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Last Minute Preparation

The day of the Year 6 Farewell has arrived and months worth of work is finally coming together. The Masquerade Masks are finished and the decorations are all being put in place. The food is being cooked and the dance rehearsals are all finished.

What a big day we’ve had getting it all ready. The hall looks superb and we are all eagerly awaiting the big night!

A huge thank you to all of the parents who have helped today and in the planning over the last few months. You have all done an amazing job.

2012 in Review

This year I have achieved many things and have learned many lessons. I remember the start of the year when I was put into Mr Squire’s class. I instantly thought to myself this year is going to be about having fun and a year full of laughs. All my friends were in the same class since all the girls were in one class. It was a huge class.

I moved up a level in swimming lessons. I was originally in Dolphins but moved up to Marlin with three other girls. That was a huge achievement for me so I received a certificate. Meanwhile at school, the cross country carnival was getting closer. Everyone trained at school and I made the most of it. I ran the 3km urging myself on and came 11th beating four year 6’s! I was pretty proud of myself.

We had a writing test about persuasive writing. I did my best although I knew I could have done a little bit better but I still got 1st in that competition. Enough about tests, the decision of the final debating squad was drawing nearer and nearer. We had many trial debates and finally the result was announced. I had made it in with seven others. I also got into the soccer squad but unfortunately we played one game and lost that.

The UNSW tests took place in Miss Upston’s room. For three times I had to wake up at 7:30am and reluctantly go to school! (It was worth it though). Science and English I got credit and in Mathematics I got a distinction and got in the top 5%! I was quite satisfied with that but I had something bigger on my mind, NAPLAN!

There was nothing to stress about it my results were quite good. Now I was a busy girl with choir rehearsals, debates and other things. Every debate I’d been in I’d won! I was chosen for the semi-final team and was delighted but that was soon faced with the terrible loss of the semi-final to Roselea! I enjoyed working on debates and the pressure of the adjudicator’s decision, but now it was all gone. However life has to go on.

The time came when we talked about the important roles of year 6’s that will be leaders. The tryouts for the leadership team came round. I put my name down and successfully got into the next round, the speeches. I said my speech hoping that I’d get in but unfortunately I didn’t. I have to admit most of the speeches were pretty good. I was disappointed but realised that the people who got in deserved it and there were many other opportunities.

I received was a notification that I would receive an award for presentation day. I received the Achievement award and I was pretty proud of that. This year has been a year of success and failure but no one can be perfect!

by Maheeta

Presentation Day


The Performance Dance Group

In a celebration of the many achievements of Epping Heights students we held our presentation day today. Following Performances from the Performance Dance Group and band, our class award winners were announced.


The 5S awards went as follows:

- Academic: Diya
- Citizenship: Tim
- Achievement: Maheeta
- Improvement: Simone
- UNSW Maths Award: Vanessa
- ESL: Ben

Next the choir entertained us with a beautiful rendition of Seasons of Love

Finally the moment year 5 had been hanging out for, the announcement of the leadership team for 2013.
House Captains for 2013:

– Sturt: Natasha and Joshua
– Phillip: Celia and Aiden
– Blaxland: Vanessa and Andrew

Prefects and Captains for 2013:
– Captains: Brooke and Tim
– Vice Captains: Diya and Oliver
– Prefects: Alice, Sonali, Patrick and Ethan.


2013 School Leadership Team get sworn in.

Congratulations to award winners, leaders and performers for such a wonderful day.

Probability Experiment

Aim: Which way is a cup more likely to fall when dropped

Hypothesis: It will more than likely fall on its side

Method: Dropping a cup from 1.65m, letting it drop on carpet, with blue tack stuck to the bottom of the cup

Side: 92
Top: 8
Bottom: 0

It is very unlikely to get a top. Very highly likely to get a side. Although it is very highly unlikely to get a bottom. This is because the blue tack wasn’t exactly in the middle which gave more pressure to one side then the other.