Family is More Important than Friends

I strongly believe that family is more important than friends. Immediate family is made up of Mum, Dad, Brother(s) and/or Sister(s). Now anyway, this is why I think that family is more important than friends.

Firstly, your family (should) will love you with all their hearts no matter what. Your family will love you if you run away from home, kill someone or just be a bit naughty. There are some people who have run away from home to kill someone and done it and their family has been a bit scared but still love the family member. Family is definitely more important than friends.

Secondly, your family is always ready to help. Your family may just take care of kids or they may even be there for you when you need it. Some families have had children die and then the rest of the family helps in every way possible. Family is clearly more important than friends.

Lastly, if you go to church you have a church family. This is the rest of your church. Your church family should be loving and ready to help at any time needed. Also, if something happened to a child’s parents and they couldn’t take care of the children the church family would find someone in the church to adopted the child. Family is more important than friends.

In conclusion, I am sure I have convinced you that family is more important than friends. There are many more reasons why family is more important than friends but I have done enough to even convince myself that family is more important than friends. I hope you agree with me!!


by Tim

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